Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor

If you need a food processor that can chop, knead, mix and whip, the Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor is the machine for you. If you love to cook for a big group of people, this mighty food processor will be a gem in your kitchen.
Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor
You know how sometimes you wish all you need for your gourmet spread preparation lies within one kitchen appliance? Well, with this baby, your wish may just come true! You can first use it to chop any meat or poultry for your main course. As it cooks, you can use the food processor to prepare dressings for your salads or dips for the appetizers. And as you serve the appetizers to your guests, it can make the cake mixture and be ready to be bake right before the main course and be ready in time for desserts.
Have a big dinner to prepare for the holidays? Thanksgiving or Christmas or both? The Braun K650 has a 9-cup bowl that is able to hold up to 2 liters of fluids or knead a dough that is about 1.5 kilograms. That should be enough for you to cope with through the holidays.
Although I do not advocate to use the Braun K650 CombiMax Food Processor while carrying your child in the kitchen, you can be sure that your children is safe around it should you need them to be near. The Braun K650 CombiMax will only start its job when the bowl and the lid are properly attached. Your child (or you for that matter), will also not be able to open the lid while the food processor is running.

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