Best bath towels reviews - Pinzon Luxury 820 Gram

Best bath towels reviews

Here , you can find collection of best bath towels reviews taken from amazon site about this towels.

Pinzon Luxury 820-Gram Cotton Towels is one of the most favourite towels for alot people specially who need bath towels that stay long and stay absorbant on the body.

"My husband and I are towel snobs. We took a chance on these specifically because the price made it a good gamble and so many reviews alluded to the heavy weight of the towels. We're extremely glad we did! We're so pleased with the quality of the bath sheets we'll now be investing in the rest of the sets from Pinzon.

Some important observations about the bath sheets:
- the first time you wash/dry them, be prepared to empty the lint trap in your dryer several times. They will NOT dry in a timely manner unless you are diligent about emptying the lint trap several times. We consider this a very minor inconvenience.

- as with any type of towel, the use of liquid fabric softener or more than one dryer sheet is a no-no. That's even more true with these because they are so thick and heavy. Water will shed right off them once dry if you use a liquid fabric softener, and that's assuming you can get them dry in the first place. Fabric softener should not ever be used on towels anyway, but it becomes even more important to remember that with the Pinzon 820 towels. I suspect most negative reviews regarding absorption are a direct result of fabric softener use. We've been able to get away with using a single dryer sheet in with two bath sheets and not have a problem, just to eliminate static electricity, but we generally use a dryer sheet that's already gone through once with a smaller/short load."

" I first purchased a few of these towels in white as workout towels since the price was low, the comments were positive and the previous "microfiber absorbent" towels I had purchased for exercise were so rough they chaffed my skin. These white Pinzon towels were so nice, I purchased full color sets including bath sheets for all four bathrooms and could not be happier. I have since received quite a few comments about how nice the towels are. Towels are one of those items you hesitate to purchase online since you cannot feel them, but I am so happy I did and highly recommend them. As another reviewer stated, they are just as good as those you would find in a five star resort or luxury spa, if not better."

These bath towels reviews are great, where these towels feel soft and the color is true to the web site photograph. The only complaint I have is that the color bleaches out really easily. If you use any facial or body cleansers that contain glycolic acid, be sure you rinse them off your skin COMPLETELY before drying off with these towels. I did not, and my Sage-colored towels now have big yellow discolored bleach spots -- and this happened after just one use. I love the towels but will buy white the next time I get them."

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